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Dictionary Instant is the world's fastest English online dictionary. Our goal is to become the centre for all word learning and discovery. Today, there are billions of people from all over the world who are connected on the Internet; and the vast majority are all here to learn something new. Dictionary Instant strives to help netizens discover something new everyday. Hence, we are working hard to offer you the best dictionary search experience!

We are pushing the limits on what we can do to make the dictionary search experience better. With Dictionary Instant, you get the right content/information much faster than before because there is no need to press "search" at all. Seeing a list of autosuggestions while you type gives you instant feedback and the words that you are looking for.

In short, you get faster searches! awesome predictions! and instant result! So why don't you give it a go by typing some words in the search box above!

You can install our app on your Google Chrome Browser via the Chrome Web Store. Also, we are on all major social networking sites - Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. Connect with us and learn something new everyday!

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