# A substitute (usually of a person, position or role).
# A person or animal that acts as a substitute for the social or pastoral role of another, such as a surrogate mother.
# {{chiefly British - A deputy for a bishop in granting licences for marriage.
# {{US _ legal - : A judicial officer of limited jurisdiction, who administers matters of probate and intestate succession and, in some cases, adoptions.
# A ''surrogate'' or ''surrogate key'' is a unique identifier for either an entity in the modeled world or an object in the database.
# {{computing - Any of a range of Unicode codepoints which are used in pairs in UTF-16 to represent characters beyond the Basic Multilingual Plane.

# Of, concerning, relating to or acting as a substitute.

# {{transitive - To replace or substitute something with something else; appoint a successor.

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