# beeswax Beeswax.
# earwax Earwax.
# Any oily, water-resistant substance; normally long-chain hydrocarbons, alcohols or esters.
# Any preparation containing wax, used as a polish.
# A phonograph record.
# {{rare - The process of grow growing.
# {{context dated colloquial - An outburst of anger.

# Made of wax.

# {{transitive - To apply wax to (something, such as a shoe, a floor, a car, or an apple), usually to make it shiny.
# {{transitive - To remove hair at the roots from (a part of the body) by coating the skin with a film of wax that is then pulled away sharply.
# {{transitive informal - To defeat utterly.
# {{transitive slang - To kill, especially to murder a person.
# {{intransitive with adjective - To increasingly assume the specified characteristic, become.
# {{intransitive literary - To grow.
# {{intransitive of the moon - To appear larger each night as a progression from a new moon to a full moon.

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